The Winners Get Ready for Summer 2016

After a very busy and competitive few months, we would like to extend a hearty mazel tov to all the winners of our two contests for Jewish deaf youth.

The first, a contest we ran in Israel, asked Jewish deaf children between 13-16 years old to submit a video answering the question, "Why are you proud to be Jewish? Give three reasons." Our esteemed international panel of judges included Limor Bourak from France, Johanna Katz from Argentina, and Aneta Besecker from the United States. The current contest, in its third year, ended on January 25, 2016.

The winning boy was Liron Ohana from Ma'alot, in the far north, and the winning girl was Liron Cohen, from Moshav B'nei Re'em in central Israel. Each received a ticket to fly to the United States and participate in camp, free of charge.

We also hosted a raffle for the remaining contestants in the Israeli contest, and the three winners, each of whom received a heavily-reduced camp tuition, were:

  • Shimon Malka, from Rishon Letziyon
  • Yael Hamami from Sderot
  • Hodaya Tal from Be'er Sheva

We also hosted another contest, this time for American children. American children were similarly asked to send in videos, this time answering to the question, "What is your favorite Jewish holiday, and why?" The three judges were Shuki Assouline from Israel, Dima Katsnelson from Norway, and Johanna Katz from Argentina. The contest ended on March 24, 2016, and was open to American deaf and hard of hearing children aged 8-16.

The judges watched through all of the video submissions, and ultimately selected Brianna Mehan, from Frederick, MD. Brianna, who will be attending a Jewish camp for the very first time in her life, received the grand prize of free participation in our camp.

We are very excited for all the children who are receiving this unique experience to take part in a global Jewish deaf youth movement that grows larger and larger with every year. We are also thankful to our donors, without whom this contest would not have taken place.

Dear parents, it is not too late to sign up your child for camp this summer. The boys camp webpage can be viewed here, and the girls camp here. We look forward to seeing your child this summer!

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