Online Jewish Education

In childhood, most Jewish Deaf individuals do not attend a Jewish Sunday School - much less a Jewish day school. So when they grow up to become adults, their knowledge of Judaism remains lacking. Obviously, this has an impact on one's connection to Judaism - the less you know about something, the less attached you are to its values.

That's where we come in. Jewish Deaf Multimedia, our flagship project for the Jewish Deaf community, was initiated in early 2010. With over 100 educational videos in American Sign Language and English subtitles (some videos have French, Russian, and Spanish subtitles) on a wide range of topics, we get thousands of hits from all over the US and the world. Our video list features interviews with Deaf Holocaust survivors, kosher cooking videos, thoughts on the weekly parsha, and so many more.

Besides for our videos, we also offer a growing list of resources, which includes a Jewish Signs Glossary. We also run a blog with posts of Jewish-Deaf interest. Another section features an art gallery with various Jewish Deaf artists and their select artwork.

One of the newest offerings on Jewish Deaf Multimedia is an online school program. To date, we have two popular introductory courses to Israeli Sign Language and Written/Spoken Modern Hebrew. We invite you to check out the online school and see if our programs are right for you!

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