Chanukah Celebrations

For many people, Chanukah is their favorite holiday. And it is for us at the Jewish Deaf Foundation as well! The light of the Chanukah flames tie in beautifully with our motto of "lighting up the Deaf World with Judaism".

It is an annual tradition at the Jewish Deaf Foundation to organize Chanukah celebrations in Washington, D.C., at Gallaudet University; in New York City; and in Rochester, NY, on the campus of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). Besides for the fact that these events will instill a sense of Jewish pride within the attendees of these events, we also want to bring together the wider Jewish Deaf community in a celebration of our heritage. How often do we get together to do this?

These events are grand affairs, attracting hundreds of participants. We provide refreshments in the form of traditional Chanukah fare such as sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) and potato latkes. A Deaf rabbi leads the menorah lighting ceremony, along with the assistance of guest dignitaries.

Last year, our menorah lighting ceremonies were made even more special with the first-time appearance of a 9-foot high menorah created by a Jewish Deaf artist, who designed the menorah with a Deaf theme in mind. We are so excited to use the De'VIA Menorah again this year!

You can buy a ticket to attend our Chanukah celebrations this winter (of 2016) now by clicking here!

Washington, D.C. area, at the Top of the Town venue (in Arlington, VA) - Monday evening, December 26th (the third night of Chanukah) from 5:00-9:00 PM.

New York City, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage - Wednesday evening, December 28th (the fifth night of Chanukah) from 6:00-10 PM.

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